Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"rusty" car with nuclear "weapons"

I sort of spent all my time on the car design (what can I say, I was inspired!) and didn't really come through with the topic.  

My initial idea was to break away from my instinct of doing a mad max style, retro-future cliche car.  I instead wanted sleek and futuristic and to not go overboard with giant overloads of weapons, but keep them subtle.

I'd like to spend more time on this- i've always enjoyed automotive design and this is probably the second car i've drawn since i was 10 years old - so I really had a good time.  Musical choice today was the blade runner soundtrack.


Brett said...

very nice design, very sleek and functional/plausible.

Richard Tran said...

I like the little nuke logo. You ought to consider some excuses to put in some appropriately green glows somewheres.

piza said...

like the style of the rendering reminds me of AA days

Peter Coene's Art Blog said...

I'm surprised it wasn't a Subaru.